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PWP Quick Results for WrestleVania II (10/25/2014)

1. “The Passion” Zac James defeated Rob Matter.

2. Dalton Lee Roth & Taylor Orion wrestled to a No Contest when a masked man entered the ring and destroyed both men along with their one of their trainers, Zac James.

3. Stevie Fierce defeated Johnny Wisdom.

4. Geek Singh defeated Gunner Franks.

5. Purple debuted, and rocked We Will Rock You karaoke style for the PWP fans!

6. L-Ray w/ Joey Daniels & “Manager Supreme” Axel Greece defeated Paul Daniels.

7. Marek Brave defeated “Showtime” Bradley Charles in an impressive PWP debut!

8. PWP Heavyweight Champion Darren “Thunder” Russell & “Simply the Best” “Babyface” Tony Cortez & Hype Gotti defeated Branden Juarez & PWP Tag Team Champions Jeremy Wyatt & Mark Sterling. After the match, Gotti & Cortez challenged Wyatt & Sterling to put the belts on the line November 22, and Juarez challenged Thunder Russell to do the same!

So two huge title matches have already been confirmed for November 22! Stay tuned for the upcoming PWP Insider with highlights from this event! More match announcements and information coming soon! Thanks to everyone who helped make WrestleVania II a success! Thanks to our sponsors, and our AMAZING fans!

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